12 Days of Healing – Day 7

After evaluating self, we can shift our focus to evaluating our extension of self – our partnerships and relationships. Romantic or non romantic, we all are in relationships. But have you ever felt like you’re just better off alone? Ever wonder what’s the point of these relationships?

Our partnerships can be so much more powerful and intimate if we can use them correctly. People enter your life for a reason, and the more that we understand that we’re in these relationships to give and receive something, the better we can navigate them.

Day 7 Goal: Take some time to evaluate your relationships. What strengths does your partner have that you lack? What strengths do you have that your partner lacks? What do you feel is the greater purpose of your relationship? What can the two of you accomplish together? If you can’t figure it out, ask. See what they think and then move forward with that relationship through the lens of it’s greater purpose. Watch it transform, watch it blossom.

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12 Days of Healing – Day 6

“To love someone, you must first love yourself.” It’s a saying we’ve all heard and have unfortunately all ignored at some point in our lives. Today I ask, how do you love yourself? How do you take care of yourself? How do you serve yourself so that you can be of service to others? Self love holds the key to successfully loving others. Here are some self love tips:

To clear your mind – step outside sometimes, be still and aware in nature or close your eyes and take 100 deep breaths.

To clear your heart – practice forgiveness, go out of your way to be kind, write journal entires about things that are heavy on your heart.

To clear the tension in your body – go for a walk, take an exercise class, practice yoga or get into the habit of stretching at night.

To cleanse your body – spend a day each week fasting and drinking lots of water.

To free your soul – make time for things that make you the most happy. Embrace silliness and gravitate towards people who make you feel loved and free.

There are so many ways to practice self love and good health. Be mindful every day and make it a priority, you deserve it…and you need it!

Day 6 Goal: For the next week, get in touch with yourself and determine what kind of self care you need most. Every day, make an effort to care for yourself in one of the ways I’ve listed above, or your own special way. At the end of the week, write down how you feel. Are you lighter? More open? Happier? Calmer? Let’s find out how self love transforms you!

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12 Days of Healing – Day 5

When’s the last time you had a truly pleasurable experience? A moment that you walked away from feeling high on life, an encounter that made you laugh until your stomach hurt, an instance where you couldn’t contain your excitement, or felt a sensory overload. We deprive ourselves of so much potential pleasure. We spend our lives distracted with clutter instead of focusing on what truly makes us feel happy and alive. Why?

Take five minutes to imagine a life where every day you committed to giving yourself a truly pleasurable experience. Can you imagine how much happier you might feel? How much more satisfying would life be? What would you be doing? Write down 7 things that give you pleasure.

Day 5 Goal: This is our next challenge. For the next 7 days, I challenge you to commit to having a pleasurable experience EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. Commit to indulging in what truly makes you happy. If you can, try to write about it after, really acknowledge how it made you feel. Are you happier? More peaceful? What affect does pleasure have on your life? Do you feel more alive? Let’s find out!

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12 Days of Healing – Day 4

What is home to you? It’s important for us all to have a home base, somewhere that we can re-center ourselves. Let’s start with the basics: Do you have a physical space in the world that feels like home to you? Somewhere that you can be yourself, somewhere you feel safe, somewhere you feel relaxed? This is what home feels like.

Some people live their whole lives feeling out of place everywhere, like they have no home, no safe space. If that sounds like you, I challenge you to find a home this week. It doesn’t have to be an actual house, or even somewhere you can sleep; it just needs to be somewhere you feel safe and grounded.

If you’re struggling to find this place, take a moment to think of the last time you truly felt peaceful, the last place where you seemed to forget about your phone and all your worries. Where were you? Could that be home for you?

Or maybe you were with someone. I don’t advise making homes out of humans, but sometimes the people close to us really do feel like home; a safe place to bear our souls, shed our tears, and release our egos. If your home is a person, I still encourage you to find a place, but I also challenge you to tell that person why they feel like home to you and thank them for being your safe place.

A home base should never be taken for granted, it is our center, our peace, our stillness, our shelter. May you all find the perfect home 💚.

Day 4 Goal: Find a place to call home. Reflect on how this place makes you feel and why you think it makes you feel that way.



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12 Days of Healing – Day 3

Once we know and acknowledge our worth, we must begin to communicate it to others in a healthy manner. Do you set standards for your relationships? Do you set boundaries? Are you prepared to walk away from situations and people that don’t serve you?

Communicating your worth is a key part of building healthy relationships. It does not mean boasting about yourself, it simply means acknowledging your desire to be respected and appreciated. With friends, acquaintances, family, and lovers, we have to be clear about how we would like to be treated. Once you express your expectations, people will either rise to your expectations or they will not. If you find that a person is unwilling to value you and treat you with care and respect, then you must be prepared to disengage with that person on a personal level.

What you may find when you are clear about your expectations, is that people are surprisingly willing to rise to them! For those that don’t, it will be clear that they do not have a positive role to play in your life, and it will become easier to disengage as you realize that it’s for the betterment of your life.

Day 3 Goal: Going forward, make an effort to set clear expectations for how you would like to be treated in your new relationships. For existing relationships, address issues head on as they arise and be clear about where/how you feel undervalued. If you do not see a positive change in your relationships, start re-evaluating the need for them.

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12 Days of Healing – Day 2

Do you know your worth? Are you clear on your values? Not having an answer to these questions can make it difficult to get what you want out of life.

It’s important for us to have self-worth so that we can be aware of what we need to remove from our lives. When you understand what you deserve and how you should be treated, you set a standard for the people you allow into your life. So what are you worth? Write down everything you bring to the table, everything that makes you an asset to others. Write down all that you love about yourself. Going forward, know that the best people for you will see the best qualities in you. Anyone who doesn’t is bringing an energy into your life that you do not need long-term.

Next step, what are your values? Throughout our lives, our values change…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have any. What are your boundaries? What do you put your energy towards? What are your priorities? What do you stand for? These things are your values. Anyone who does not respect these things about you, is another person you do not need in your life. Any time you aren’t standing for what you claim you stand for, is a time where you need to re-evaluate your values and check yourself.

Day 2 Goal: Do a full evaluation of your self-worth and values. Map out the people and the situations in your life that align with your worth and values. For the people and situations that don’t align, make an action plan for how you will address it (i.e. Letting that person go, leaving that job, having a healthy conversation about your boundaries, creating rules…whatever applies).

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12 Days of Healing – Day 1

The first step of healing is getting clear on who you are and who you want to be. Do you know yourself? Have you spent time getting to know yourself? Let’s start here.

Flaws and all, you MUST know yourself. Take some time to write down all your strengths and all your weaknesses (meditate on it if you’re having trouble). Let’s focus on your weaknesses first. Some weaknesses can turn into strengths when the characteristic is expressed in moderation. What negative characteristics do you need to discard completely? What negative characteristics can you flip into positives?

What key experiences make you who you are? We all have moments in our life that change us and shape our beliefs. Whether they are positive or negative and painful, we must acknowledge them. We cannot be truthful and authentic in the world if we are not truthful and authentic with ourselves. Acknowledge your key experiences, spend time thinking about and reflecting on them.

Now that you have examined your present self and past self, you can move forward. First, we must recognize our own light. What is your bright spot (Your talent, your uniqueness, your gift to offer to the world)? Are you blocking your own light?

Day 1 Goal: Write down 3 steps you can take to allow yourself to shine. Shining simply means you are putting your authentic self out into the world and allowing others to recognize the same strengths you see in yourself. It means putting yourself in situations and taking opportunities that naturally bring out the best of you. Spend this week genuinely shining!

deepest fear

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