Cracking Crabs – A love poem

This is a poem about a (♊️) woman finding her (♋️) soulmate and pursuing him with the knowledge that they have been together many lifetimes before. 💜

I’ve always loved cracking crabs

Try not to get pinched, but I’m intoxicated by the grab

Laser eyes, I see past your emotional distance and outer shell

It’s something in your laugh that’s lifted my spirits far beyond heaven and through the depths of hell

The delicate balance of adoration and respectful distance makes you crack

You see, I see you, and as I search for the song you ignite in my heart, my mind goes black

It’s something soulful, soothing, sensual

Our love was always complex; multidimensional

But you could be a stranger in a picture, a kid in a park, or a dog in my lap – my soul would recognize yours every time

And lucky for me, I finally caught you in your prime

I’m ready: emotional, available, fully capable of embracing your every quirk

You take patience, I take work

I’d like to warn you before you open up your home to me

I’d like to tell you how we came to be:

Your eyes have pierced my soul in a million lifetimes

I’ve laid in a death bed with you as my lifeline

Your voice has called me home since the beginning

Echoing through decades, centuries, and millenniums of sinning

But now I’m swimming, submitting to your every desire

Come float in the water. Come play in the fire

I melt behind every word that drips from your mouth

I’ll come for the weekend so we can play house

I’ll gracefully wait for you to finally say

You yearn for me every second, of every moment, of every day

I’d go mute before jumping the gun and telling you “our kids would be cute”

But they’re more than cute; they’re beautiful, magical, a miracle

Our bond with them is supernatural, it’s spiritual

We vowed to raise them to be free thinkers, lovers, artists, travelers, free spirits

They’re always calling you, and sometimes when I laugh, I notice you hear it

But wait til you see

The kindest eyes, the warmest smiles, the most expansive hearts; they’re a perfect combination of you and me

So before you open the door, I’d like to let you know:

I think I’d like to stay, I think I’d like to grow

And even when you’re crabby, you’ll see that I’m a gem

That even when you’re scared, you’ll always let me in

Has anyone ever told you? You look like my husband.


12 Days of Healing – Day 10

We spend 1/3 of our lives working. How did it feel to read that? Is that refreshing? Depressing? Saddening? Worrying? Re-read that first sentence and really sit in the feeling that comes over you. I think we all see work as an important thing in our lives (even if that importance only goes as far as knowing you have to show up), but are we conscious of the massive impact work has on our lives? Many of us wake up just before or right after the sun rises, and head to work. A lot of us stay in that same building almost all day, feel guilty about taking more than 30mins or 1 hour to break, and then don’t leave until the sun sets. To some of us, WORK IS LIFE. So today I ask, are you doing what you want with your life? Are you nourished throughout the day? Or are you simply drained?

Day 10 Goal: Sit down and think about your job. Write down everything you love about it and everything you hate. Was this what you pictured yourself doing? Is this what you still want to do? If not, write down three realistic dream jobs. If they are jobs you could have immediately, take the step forward today. Find the company with that position and apply. If they are a little more out there, still, take the first step. Sign up for a class, start creating, go meet a likeminded person, ask someone to be your mentor, start doing it on the side. Whatever it takes, move closer to your dream job today – THAT IS YOUR TRUE PATH.

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12 Days of Healing – Day 9

Life is complex, and we’ll always be looking for ways to peel back the layers and discover something new, or understand the meaning of it all. Have you ever taken a trip, a class, a risk, or an opportunity that helped you discover something profound about life or yourself? These moments are what life is all about! We have to lean into the things that are groundbreaking for us. If it’s traveling, if it’s studying religion, if it’s going out on a limb, quitting your job, or taking one you’re not quite sure you’re ready for. That’s it.

Day 9 Goal: Write down the last 3-5 revelations you had. Recall your surroundings when you had these revelations. Were you alone? With people? At home? In an unfamiliar place? Where you communicating with someone? Or sitting in silence? Write down as many details as you can remember. Which one of these experiences felt most powerful to you? Once you’ve chosen, make a plan to get into a similar environment. For example, speak to that same friend, go back to that place, sign up for a similar class. Do whatever it takes to lean deeper into that experience. Lean into everything that sparks creativity, ignites your soul, and expands your mind. Happy Healing!

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12 Days of Healing – Day 8

Partnerships cannot thrive unless we practice vulnerability. A great partner is someone we can bear our souls to. As we reveal our pain, our darkness, our truth; we can overcome it and heal from it. Take a moment to think: Who was the last person I revealed myself to? Who is the last person I wept in front of? Who is the last person I shared my darkness with? How did that person respond? Did they respond like a friend, a partner? Or an enemy? A judge? Did I grow from that encounter? Did I release some weight from my shoulders? Or did I feel darker? More ashamed? More wounded? Let that interaction guide you going forward, but even if it was negative, never let it discourage you. Truth and vulnerability is the key to connection and intimacy.

Day 8 Goal: Take some time to think of what’s been weighing heavy on your heart. After determining, look for a person in your life that you can share this thought with. As you enter the conversation, ask for what you need. Do you just want them to listen? Would you like to discuss and debate the topic? Are you looking for advice? Let your partner know. After the exchange, write down how you feel, write down how you feel about that person now. This goal is going to be two parts. Part 2: Next time someone shares an intimate thought with you, act as a friend and a true partner. Listen empathetically and be what that person needs. Again, write down how you feel. Have we sparked intimacy and true connection yet?

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12 Days of Healing – Day 7

After evaluating self, we can shift our focus to evaluating our extension of self – our partnerships and relationships. Romantic or non romantic, we all are in relationships. But have you ever felt like you’re just better off alone? Ever wonder what’s the point of these relationships?

Our partnerships can be so much more powerful and intimate if we can use them correctly. People enter your life for a reason, and the more that we understand that we’re in these relationships to give and receive something, the better we can navigate them.

Day 7 Goal: Take some time to evaluate your relationships. What strengths does your partner have that you lack? What strengths do you have that your partner lacks? What do you feel is the greater purpose of your relationship? What can the two of you accomplish together? If you can’t figure it out, ask. See what they think and then move forward with that relationship through the lens of it’s greater purpose. Watch it transform, watch it blossom.

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12 Days of Healing – Day 6

“To love someone, you must first love yourself.” It’s a saying we’ve all heard and have unfortunately all ignored at some point in our lives. Today I ask, how do you love yourself? How do you take care of yourself? How do you serve yourself so that you can be of service to others? Self love holds the key to successfully loving others. Here are some self love tips:

To clear your mind – step outside sometimes, be still and aware in nature or close your eyes and take 100 deep breaths.

To clear your heart – practice forgiveness, go out of your way to be kind, write journal entires about things that are heavy on your heart.

To clear the tension in your body – go for a walk, take an exercise class, practice yoga or get into the habit of stretching at night.

To cleanse your body – spend a day each week fasting and drinking lots of water.

To free your soul – make time for things that make you the most happy. Embrace silliness and gravitate towards people who make you feel loved and free.

There are so many ways to practice self love and good health. Be mindful every day and make it a priority, you deserve it…and you need it!

Day 6 Goal: For the next week, get in touch with yourself and determine what kind of self care you need most. Every day, make an effort to care for yourself in one of the ways I’ve listed above, or your own special way. At the end of the week, write down how you feel. Are you lighter? More open? Happier? Calmer? Let’s find out how self love transforms you!

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12 Days of Healing – Day 5

When’s the last time you had a truly pleasurable experience? A moment that you walked away from feeling high on life, an encounter that made you laugh until your stomach hurt, an instance where you couldn’t contain your excitement, or felt a sensory overload. We deprive ourselves of so much potential pleasure. We spend our lives distracted with clutter instead of focusing on what truly makes us feel happy and alive. Why?

Take five minutes to imagine a life where every day you committed to giving yourself a truly pleasurable experience. Can you imagine how much happier you might feel? How much more satisfying would life be? What would you be doing? Write down 7 things that give you pleasure.

Day 5 Goal: This is our next challenge. For the next 7 days, I challenge you to commit to having a pleasurable experience EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. Commit to indulging in what truly makes you happy. If you can, try to write about it after, really acknowledge how it made you feel. Are you happier? More peaceful? What affect does pleasure have on your life? Do you feel more alive? Let’s find out!

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